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Alberta Health Charter​​

The Alberta Health Act requires the Provinc​e to have a Health Charter. Alberta's Health Charter​​ sets out key values and aims for Alberta’s health system and the roles and responsibilities of patients and providers within the health system. It is intended to guide the actions of health service organizations, providers, patients and government in the broader health system, both publicly funded and those services purchased through insurance or directly by individuals.


The Alberta Health Advocate uses the Health Charter as a lens to consider concerns and complaints brought to its attention by Albertans. The Health Charter is intended to be a living document. The Health Advocate provides education about the Health Charter and how it applies to Alberta's health service system. As we gain experience with the Health Charter, we expect that what the Health Charter contains will evolve as we better understand what it means to have a Health Charter and how it can help people, providers and government understand their roles and responsibilities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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